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The centre was a working farm until purchased in faith in 1983, when under the prompting of the Spirit of God we stepped out in faith. Trusting solely in the Lord to provide, we undertook the purchase of the property and we are privileged to be able to say that, although we have floundered repeatedly, He has been continually faithful in providing finances, materials, ministries and disciples to develop, maintain and enlarge the centre.

When we took entry in 1983, we began to adapt the property to our particular needs. We converted the farm milk room into two bedrooms: it was stimulating to fit joists in place, knowing we did not have the timber to lay on top of the joists we were working on, but God's arm is never short to provide for His work.

The changes progressively took place, and our faith progressively increased, as we began to see the outworking of Matthew 9:29 - According to your faith, be it unto you. We have now, by God's gracious and remarkable provision, adapted the existing buildings and also built four new buildings, as you will observe in the pictures on these pages, and now have accommodation for approximately ninety residents of varying ages and needs.

All of this was accomplished under the auspices of Bible Centred Ministries International with whom we spent many beneficial years until February 1999, when in response to God's guidance, we left BCM and formed the now present The Bible Centre Trust. This trust is under the control of local trustees and is independent and autonomous.

This centre is not about building of property, but building of people for the Master's use; therefore we are delighted to say that to His glory and by His power this is being accomplished.

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